One of the unsung heroes at the museum is our cleaner, Spencer Hope, a man who could “polish floors for England”. He works behind the scenes, helping us keep the museum clean, tidy and safe for our visitors.

Part of his work involves getting into nooks and crannies to get things squeaky clean and it was during a deep clean in the Broadway Colony Room that he discovered some mysterious scratches on the windows. Closer inspection revealed that it was graffiti that had been etched into the glass panes many years ago. Spencer took a couple of pictures of the graffiti, which are shown above.

The graffiti is etched on the outside of the windows, so Spencer’s photos require a mirror and some close scrutiny to decipher them, at least in part. So far, we have a number of scribbled signatures, including one Joseph Gillett, and a couple of dates. We don’t know exactly when the graffiti was completed or even if the glass was installed in the museum when it was done – it may have been reclaimed from another building in the area.

So, get those mirrors out and see if you can help Spencer with his investigations. If you’d like to see the graffiti up close, come and see us when we reopen in December. Have a look at our website for the latest news on reopening, admission charges and opening times.