‘What our visitors say’

(c) John Cairns

Portrait and documentary photographer, John Cairns, based in Oxford UK.

We are interested to see where our visitors come from and what they think of the exhibition so we invite visitors to leave a comment in our book.  Every so often we dip into the visitors’ book to see what they are saying.

Visitors come from far and wide to Broadway, either on holiday or just popping through en-route to their next destination. Just this month (August 2016) people came to us from Newport, Tenby, Devon, Ledbury, Rickmansworth, Southampton, Winchester, Solihull, and Oxfordshire.  And from further afield visitors flocked to us from Alicante in Spain, Napier in New Zealand, Northern Ireland and Japan.

And what do they think of of our little museum and the treasures we hold here?

It is lovely to see that this month’s visitors call the Ashmolean Museum Broadway a ‘super museum’, and a ‘wonderful use for this historic and lovely building.’ Visitors particularly commented that the museum is ‘very interesting’ and ‘exceptionally well presented’.

F.L.Griggs pic 2And do they like our current exhibition? One couple especially wrote that they ‘enjoyed the excellent Griggs exhibition.’But come and see for yourself – the Griggs exhibition will be here for all to see until 11th September.

And you too could leave a comment in our book.


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