Picture1.pngBritish Born Edward Lear was “probably the best ornithological illustrator that ever was,” according to fan David Attenborough.  And one of his illustrations of a parrot flew over to the Ashmolean Museum Broadway as part of the popular Travels and Nonsense exhibition.  This exhibition displays many watercolours and sketches from his travels around Europe as well as scribbles for his illustrated books.  So what are the visitors saying about it?

Visitors from far flung corners of the world have converged on the museum to see the Edward Lear exhibition (13 February 2016 – 8 May 2016).  Visitors from Harrogate to Llandudno, Islington to Tynemouth and from Italy to Cape Town, South Africa have found the exhibition ‘Lovely’, ‘interesting’ and ‘delightful’.WP_20160415_11_11_51_Pro (2)

Ed and Caroline of Bristol said ‘Edward Lear was fascinating’, and although Carole and Fiona from South Africa thought the exhibition needed ‘more eccentric poetry’ Roger from Lancashire found it ‘interesting to see some of Lear’s accomplished works.’

It is lovely to see that children visiting the museum have enjoyed the exhibition too.  8-year-old Clotilde from London thought the ‘Edward Lear area…was great’, while Mollie WP_20160415_11_12_14_Pro (2)Shaw was even inspired to draw a lovely portrait of her own goat, saying ‘the goats look like my goat at home. Though my goat looks a lot rounder!’

Apparently the exhibition took some visitors by surprise while others came here especially to see it. Ian from Winchester writing in our visitors’ book noted that the ‘Lear exhibition [was a] nice find on the top!’ while Ann from Swindon who ‘Always wanted to see one of Lear’s parrots’ has gone home happy.Lear 2

So why not pop along and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.  The exhibition is on until 8th May, with a talk by the curator Colin Harrison, Senior Curator of European Art, on Friday 6th May at 5pm (tickets £10 including drink: available from the museum)