This watercolour painting by Philip Bannister was donated to the museum by the artist as a raffle prize.  It was then returned to the museum by the prize winner so that it can be displayed here. It will shortly be hung in the corridor it depicts so visitors to enjoy.

Philip Banister Painting

Yorkshire born Philip now lives locally and works as an illustrator for clients such as Daily Telegraph Magazine, Country Life, Mary Portas, and National Geographic. His connection to the museum is through his wife Lesley who is one of our lovely volunteers.

After studying at the Batley College of Art, Philip worked in education, advertising and design before becoming a full-time artist in the 1980s. Philip has a distinctive watercolour style, drawing out crucial details, and his illustrations contain a strong interplay between light and shadow. Philip is inspired by nature, history, music, ghosts, poetry and the sky at night – and as you can see he found inspiration in our seventeenth century building.  His painting highlights a part of the building that is perhaps less noticed by our visitors as they admire the lovely artefacts, blind to the beautiful flagstone floor leading them from the Cabinet of Curiosities room.

We are delighted to have our very own unique original Philip Bannister illustration, and you can see it on display shortly. In the meantime this illustations as well as many other works by Philip can be seen on his website.