A History of the Ashmolean Museum and its Collections

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Admission to talks: £10 to include a glass of wine Talk start time: Admission at 6.30 pm, Talk begins at 7.00 pm A talk with Jude Barrett Jude Barrett is an Education Officer for Adults at the Ashmolean Museum Oxford. She has worked for the Ashmolean for 14 years, firstly looking after education for adults, families and [...]

Making an Impression: Prints by Manet, Pissarro and their Contemporaries

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Curator: Katherine Wodehouse, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Our third special exhibition of 2018 will showcase prints from the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford When Claude Monet (1840–1926) entitled his 1873 painting Impression: Sunrise he unwittingly inspired the, initially derisory, title by which he and his fellow artists would henceforth be known. Renowned primarily as oil painters, the Impressionists [...]

John Singer Sargent’s Portraits of Sisters

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Admission to talks: £10 to include a glass of wine Talk start time: Admission at 6.30 pm, Talk begins at 7.00 pm Malcolm Rogers, CBE, Art Historian and former Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, will talk on John Singer Sargent's portraits of sisters, including Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose (1885/6) and The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit (1882).

‘What our visitors say’

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Portrait and documentary photographer, John Cairns, based in Oxford UK. We are interested to see where our visitors come from and what they think of the exhibition so we invite visitors to leave a comment in our book.  Every so often we dip into the visitors' book to see what they are saying. [...]

How long would it take to get to London?

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We had a really good question today from one of our visitors: "How long would it take to get to London?" So a little maths later we had something of an answer.... but if anyone has any better information please do let us know. Apparently a horse pulling a carriage can travel at 5-8 miles [...]

Half Term Fun

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Following the success of our Easter Trail, we have once again put together a fun trail for children during the holidays, so the May half term holidays will be filled with fun. This time children of all ages can look all around the museum for pictures of Broadway's Buildings.  Find all the letters attached to [...]

Room Cards

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A new initiative to put room cards in all the rooms at the Ashmolean Museum Broadway goes live this month.  Some of the staff and volunteers have been working hard on this project to provide visitors with a little extra information on the building, its history, and some of the lovely things visitors can see [...]

F.L.Griggs: Visions of England

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(c) Ashmolean Museum Oxford This beautiful watercolour is the final piece in the current F.L. Griggs exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum Broadway.  Operations Assistant Sarah and volunteer Cliff agree it is a fantastic finale to an interesting exhibition.  Many of the pieces in the exhibition are etchings and pen and ink drawings by [...]