Raphael Kirchner - Study One - Redhead

Study One – Redhead

Raphaël Kirchner

1876 – 1917


After attending the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, in 1900 Kirschner moved to Paris, rapidly gaining a reputation for painting portraits of attractive young ladies, for magazines such as La Vie Parisienne. The portraits were so popular that they were also published as postcards – many of which ended up on the walls of trenches and dugouts of the Great War, providing a little light entertainment to the young men daily facing death. It is thought that it was the outbreak of war in 1914 that spurred his move to the United States, where he died at a relatively young age in 1917.

Kirschner is widely considered to have started the popularity of ‘pin-ups’, images of lightly clad young ladies for the American and European magazine market, and influencing artists of the time such as Vargas.


18” x 12” image

25” x 21” frame