Sarah started with us as Operations Assistant in October 2015, and here are her thoughts about her busy first day


Sarah Ganderton in the Shop


I arrived at the Ashmolean Museum Broadway the same day as a new exhibition.  The Artists Under Fire exhibition was installed under my watchful, and ever-learning, eye.  It was a wonderful exhibition of propaganda posters from the First World War produced by the Ministry for Propaganda.

During the day I hob-nobbed with the experts from the Ashmolean Oxford. I chatted with the paper conservator as we checked and recorded any existing damage.  I discussed with the curator her favourite objects and the themes she hoped to emphasize as it took shape before her exited eyes.  I learned about how pictures are hung, with spirit level and tape measure. I saw the cases carefully opened to put items delicately inside, and overheard discussions about how to maintain humidity inside the case, and monitor the humidity in the room.  So much combined expertise and knowledge went into this day – the culmination of other peoples’ years of education, months of worry and many discussions. And I was absorbing it all in my capacity as Operations Assistant.

It was exciting to see the exhibition take shape throughout that first day, and lovely to welcome visitors to it.  While the Artists Under Fire exhibition is no longer on display here at Broadway it lives on in the Artists Under Fire Exhibition, and can be visited there with no closing times and no travel required.

Meanwhile, the Ashmolean Museum in Broadway has new exhibitions all the time, and I will be welcoming visitors to those with equal excitement.