As you admire the superb display of historic ceramics at the museum, spare a thought for the unassuming white milk jug, exhibit 31 in the main display cabinet.

This exquisite piece of plain white, salt glaze stoneware (c. 1760) recently escaped from its allotted spot and was only stopped in its tracks by an adjacent plate. The team are pleased to say that the wandering jug has now been restored to its previous place. Small plastic buffers now surround the milk jug to ensure that any future walkabouts are prevented.

For those of you with vivid imaginations, there is, alas, a rather mundane reason for the strange goings on. A combination of the vibration from visitor footsteps on the wooden flooring and a highly polished surface on the base of the jug caused it to move gradually over time.

The collection of ceramics, loaned to us by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, is just one of the many exhibitions at the Broadway Museum and Art Gallery. Note, however, that we will soon be closing for our Winter break, so look at our website for latest dates and times.