Last year, Kitty completed a placement at Christie’s in their modern British department, giving her an insight into one of the biggest auction houses in the world. This year, she was about to spend a year studying Art History at a European university as part of her degree course, when the COVID-19 pandemic intervened. Undeterred, she sought out a volunteering opportunity that would provide work experience and keep her art history skills topped up. We were delighted when she agreed to join us.

When we reopened in September, she quickly became a valued member of the team. In a varied role, she meets and greets our visitors, describes the museum and its collections, deals with COVID-related safety procedures and handles purchases and payments.

She has used her excellent photography and social media skills to develop a new Instagram channel for the museum, quickly building an extensive network of contacts, increasing our marketing reach. We’re already making use of her art history skills to help us with our research on the building and collections. Please follow our new Instagram channel.

Kitty says that, ‘being here has allowed me to build on my visual analysis skills through spending a lot of time with the museum’s objects.’ This will help her a lot in realising her ambition to become an Art Valuer for an auction house when she completes her studies. In the meantime, Kitty will continue her volunteer work, joining us again when the museum reopens, hopefully in December.

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