What could be more iconic than the scene at the end of the 1933 classic film, King Kong? A huge ape atop the Empire State Building, his tiny girlfriend, played by Fay Wray, in one hand, fending off aeroplanes with the other. Exciting stuff!

Now imagine all of this taking place on a needle – the sharp end. In this version, Fay Wray would be about 25 microns tall and Kong would be smaller than a full stop. Words are not enough – sometimes you have to see it to believe it, so why not visit the Broadway Museum this weekend to see it for yourself.

King Kong is the latest microscopic masterpiece from Dr Willard Wigan, MBE, creator of the smallest handmade sculptures in history, certified by Guinness World Records. On Saturday, Willard will be at the museum to explain his motivations and working methods and provide you with a personal introduction to King Kong.

King Kong is the latest addition to Willard’s permanent exhibition of microscopic sculptures at the museum. We are open every day from 10am until 5pm (last entry 4.30pm). Entry to Willard’s exhibition is included in the museum entrance fee of just £5 for adults, £2 for children (family tickets available). Check out our website for our talks, other exhibitions “a joy, the variety of exhibits and the way it is laid out in the rooms is excellent”