A 1920s-style evening dress made for Joanna Lumley for a stage role, is just one of the beautiful items on display in Beauty, Style & Fashion, the first of our three special exhibitions this year. The exhibition explores the depiction of beauty, style and fashion using a superb selection of original drawings, paintings, gowns and fashion accessories from the early to mid-20th century. It opens a unique window on this influential period using international artworks overflowing with elegance and humour.

The great news is that, with a few exceptions, everything in the exhibition is priced and for sale, and 30% of the proceeds will be donated to the museum. The museum is a community museum so receives no financial help from the government bar a modicum of gift aid in certain circumstances so relies entirely on entrance fees, local support, donations and shop sales.

By buying one of these superb fashion items, drawings or paintings, you will be helping our wonderful museum to thrive. And, yes, the Lumley dress is for sale.

The exhibition is curated by John Noott and Dr Malcolm Rogers. The paintings and drawings are provided by a lifelong collector and the vintage dresses and accessories are from well-known experts, Fashion Fandango.

The image shows one of the paintings in the exhibition: Before the Party by Bruno Wennerberg.

The new exhibition will run until Sunday, 31st May.