Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, was one of many famous Americans who visited Broadway in the 1920s. More often than not he’d stay at the Lygon Arms. Inspired by the Science Museum in London, he established a new museum in Michigan which continues to this day.

The Henry Ford includes a Living Museum called Greenfield Village, which includes historic buildings imported from all over America. And Snowshill. Hang on a minute.

Ford admired Cotswold Stone buildings and was keen to find examples to buy and relocate to his American museum. He started with a cottage from Lower Chedworth and then set his sights on an abandoned 17th Century village forge in Snowshill. It’s owner was S B Russell, father of Gordon Russell, who sold it and its contents to Ford in November 1930. It was then dismantled, shipped, rebuilt and restored and is still part of the Greenfield Village (see image).

Quite a story, don’t you think?

(Inspired by an article called Gloucestershire Across The Atlantic by Theo Stening).