(c) Ashmolean Museum Oxford

This beautiful watercolour is the final piece in the current F.L. Griggs exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum Broadway.  Operations Assistant Sarah and volunteer Cliff agree it is a fantastic finale to an interesting exhibition.  Many of the pieces in the exhibition are etchings and pen and ink drawings by the local artist who was internationally renowned, and there are also some lovely watercolours to look forward to at the end.

Favourite pieces, especially for Sarah and Cliff are the ones with a magical light to them such as this watercolour, and the etchings Maur’s Farm 1924, Epiphany 1918-19 and Fen Monastery 1926. The change of lighting, however subtle, really makes a huge difference to the feel of the pieces.

This painting shows an elderly shepherd walking into the autumnal hues of a sunset. Curator Katherine Wodehouse from the Ashmolean Museum Oxford enthusiastically explained this was a reworking of a previous piece where the shepherd had been younger, and depicted on a different part of the path, representing a journey through life, and towards hope.  This is similar to many of the Griggs pieces or collections currently on display at the Ashmolean Museum Broadway.  The artist reworked etchings many years later with a very different feeling.  Working before during and after the First World War, its influence on his work really shows, and the lighter pictures full of hope definitely show a hopefulness coming after the devastation of the war.

The exhibition is at the Ashmolean Museum Broadway opened today and will be on display until 11th September 2016.

A talk by the exhibition’s curator will be held at the museum on 17th June at 5pm for £10 per ticket (including a drink). Please contact the museum to book a place: housemanager@ashmoleanbroadway.org or telephone 01386 859047.