Picture the scene. Doug working on some calligraphy in his studio, sitting stock still to get the detail right, and a couple of museum visitors quietly watching, genuinely thinking Doug is a mannequin. They were more than shocked when the artist suddenly moved and it gave Doug a bit of a turn as well, as he‘d been engrossed in his work and hadn’t noticed them.

Doug Eyre, who I can assure you is real, has been the Artist in Residence at Broadway Museum & Art Gallery since it opened in 2013. Visitors to the museum can visit his artist’s rooms on the very top floor, where they can see a typical working artist’s studio and admire his many and varied paintings, all of which are for sale at reasonable prices. Examples of his artwork can be seen throughout the museum, including an atmospheric stagecoach scene in the Coaching Corridor and an impressive painting of HMS Broadway in the Broadway History Room.

Doug has enjoyed a successful career in art and design, spending many years in the exciting world of motor racing before moving to caricature art for major companies and sporting events, during which he sketched people rich and poor, powerful and humble, capturing their essence in a matter of moments. He now focuses on his painting.

We are now delighted to announce that limited signed prints from Doug’s charming Hats ‘N’ Boots series of cartoons are on sale for a very reasonable £25 each (unframed) in the Museum shop. They are colourful, quirky and amusing and would make an ideal Christmas present. He shares the proceeds to support the Museum.

So, come along to the museum and check out the art department while you are enjoying our collections. Entry is £5 and gift-aiding it will give you free admission for a year. Details are on our website. And just remember – if you see a mannequin and it moves, it’s probably Doug.