Winners of the Children’s Art and Poetry Competition

The judges were very impressed by the high standard of all the entries to the Art and Poetry Competition inspired by the Hiroshige Exhibition at Broadway Museum and Art Gallery. The progression of skills could be seen across the age groups. The judges looked for originality, an understanding of the brief and composition and colour.

The Haiku’s showed great skill in the use of descriptive language and an attention to detail paying attention to the amount of syllables required.

Prizes will be awarded to the following children after the half-term holiday. All entries can be viewed at the Museum.

Art Winners

Aged 4-7            Matteo Notarangelo  1st 
Ronan Guppy 2nd     
Rosalie Bolt 3rd
Aged 8-11 Amy Yates 1st
Romyani Zara Rant 2nd
Harry Tolley 3rd
Aged 11-16 Poppy Colledge 1st
Ben Harwood 2nd
Lily Lewis 3rd

Haiku Winners           

Caoimhe Guppy 1st
Zak Hewitt 2nd
Illiana Christodoulou 3rd