Recently we hosted a visit from an enthusiastic group of 6-8 year old schoolchildren from Broadway First School, as part of their Arts Week. It was a delightful experience. The 36 children in the Group took part in a packed programme. Each child engaged in several exciting activities organised specifically for them by museum staff.

Firstly, the children stepped back in time to the 17 C to experience arriving at The Angel Inn (Broadway Museum and Art Gallery) by horse drawn carriage; many of them were unaware of the dangers of a rough road or being robbed by highwaymen. They were glad to take refreshments by the fire after their tiring and eventful journey.

Upstairs, the renowned micro-sculptor, Willard Wigan, was on hand to explain how he began, as a child, to make tiny pieces of furniture for ants and, after encouragement from his mother, progressed to the much-admired micro-sculptures on show in his permanent exhibition at the Museum.  The children were so captivated by the story that, when they went back to school, they wanted to create their own miniatures.

In his attic studios, our artist in residence, Doug Eyre, showed the children how to draw a face. It was great to see how his instruction gave them the confidence to produce a well-balanced portrait. These new skills will be invaluable for them in the future.

The children also had great fun changing their own images by wearing a variety of masks, glasses and head gear. Their images were then captured in a picture frame. This activity was inspired by our current exhibition, Painting Faces: the Art of Flattery. Continuing with this theme, there will be a Painting Faces Children’s Trail at the Museum during the summer holidays.

Following the success of this event, we hope to work with more local schools and welcome parties of children to enjoy the many and varied exhibitions in our popular museum. Should you be interested in arranging a school visit, please call the museum on 01386 859047 or email us at