Calling all children….

Layla and Pryce doing the Children's Trail at Ashmolean Museum Broadway

Layla and Pryce doing the Children’s Trail at Ashmolean Museum Broadway

Are you stuck for something to do in the summer holidays? Is it a rainy day and you fancy getting out of the house?

Why not come along to the Ashmolean Museum Broadway and have a go at the children’s trails.

(parents also welcome)

Our volunteers have created some trails to help children spot the lovely things in the museum, and these two tested one out.  Layla and Pryce had a whale of a time finding all the mystery objects – and you can have a go too*.  You even get a sticker at the end!

The trails are FREE and we have a new trail each week through the summer holidays (included in normal admission price: £10 for a family).

AND if your parents gift-aid their admission the first time you come, they can bring you back each week for FREE. (normal admission fee applies for the first visit).


*Trails are suitable for ages 5 and above (and little siblings can help as long as they don’t run and jump too much)

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