We would like you to meet the newest member of Broadway Museum and Art Gallery’s team, Operations Assistant, Kathryn Jackson. She has a degree in archaeology and a masters specialising in human remains and is keen to use this expertise to expand the exhibits we have at the museum.

Her appointment means that the museum is now able to open seven days a week as she is working Sundays and Mondays (when previously the museum was closed).

Kathryn moved to the area – she lives in Sedgeberrow – in January from Berkshire and was looking for a job opportunity that was connected to archaeology.

She explained: “I am autistic and find it difficult to work full-time. I saw the job advertised in the local newsletter and thought this seems the perfect opportunity.”

She had previously done volunteering at the Maidenhead Heritage Centre and was involved in giving history talks as well as appearing on BBC Radio Berkshire to promote the centre’s work.

The most interesting aspect of her work so far she said has been the eclectic mix of visitors she has met and talked to which she believes is due to the eclectic collection that is displayed at the museum. This has included a man who had worked at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow who she was able to talk to about anatomy as well as an art dealer who was hoping to get advice on the provenance of a piece of art.

Talking about some improvements she would like to bring to the museum, Kathryn said it would be good to have more about Broadway’s early history before the 17th century as there is extensive history going back to the Roman and earlier periods as well as Anglo Saxon times.

Referring to Tudor House’s previous incarnation as the Angel Inn when coaching made Broadway prosperous Kathryn added, “I would like the first room to live a bit more and give more of an idea of an inn.”

Outside of the museum, Kathryn is looking to help bring her knowledge of archaeology to other local projects. She has met with members of the Evesham Historical Society. She is keen to be part of a team that are due to carry out an archaeological dig at the abbey in the town.

All the museum’s team welcomes Kathryn and looks forward to turning some of her ideas into reality and don’t forget you can now visit us any day of the week!